Erika Bhatia, Executive Director

Current Board of Directors, Officers

Al Slipakoff


Elisabeth Sajed

Vice President

Cynthia Mack

Recording Secretary

Eric Godshalk


Page Allinson

Charles Feuer

Eileen Fox

Nancy Hoinkis

Suzanne McLean

Marie Minarik

David Price

Mike Rodgers

David Sandel, Jr.

Karen Vickroy

Andy Uhr

Amy Ward

Clare Kelly


Kathie D. King


Board Call Us


Erika Bhatia, Executive Director

Sue Clark, Coordinator

Mackenzie Gross, Coordinator

Betty Hannan, Billing

Marie Minarik, Volunteer Coordinator

Laura K. Pratt, Coordinator and Billing

Ben Tanter, Volunteer Coordinator

Our mission is simple...

No Homebound Person Goes Hungry

We deliver two nutritious meals Monday through Friday. And it is not just about the food – everyone gets a daily visit from someone who cares.