Surrey Services for Seniors 610-647-6404

(residents of Chester and Delaware Counties)
Multiple services are provided including home services, transportation, classes,
workshops, movies, fitness classes, book groups, etc.

Eldernet 610-525-0706

(Residents of Lower Merion or Narberth)
Multiple services are provided including transportation, homebound help,
telephone reassurance, etc.

Wayne Senior Center 610-688-6246

Multiple services are provided including trips, computer classes etc.

Palm 610-642-9370

(Center for Positive Aging in Lower Merion and surrounding communities)
Many programs are provided, including trips, transportation, fitness and computer instruction etc.

New Horizons Senior Center 610-664-2366

(Senior Citizen Center in Narberth)

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Joey from Ms. Brown Class found this article for how to access free/low-cost adult diapers: