Volunteer Spotlight


ML MoW participates in Radnor’s Memorial Day Parade

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2022 ML MoW Volunteer luncheon celebrates 50th anniversary

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Carlino’s donating hot meals to MLMoW the first Friday each month (2115 hot meals donated from May 2020 through 2022)


As of March 2022, Carla’s Pizzeria is providing monthly hot donations.


Tasty Table donating hot meals to MLMoW the second Friday of each month (1065 hot meals donated from October 2020 through 2021)


A 2021 ACME Market Foundation Grant gave us the opportunity to donate 1654 salads to our consumers on Fridays. We utilize two of our partners who they themselves donate a hot meal on a monthly basis (Carlino’s and Tasty Tables). Our patrons have been thrilled to be receiving this fresh food because, well, it’s fresh and crunchy and also because it helps them have nutritious food over the weekend, when we don’t deliver. One week, we had to switch our delivery day from a Friday to a Wednesday due to our partner’s capacity to make food….. On that Friday, when no salad was delivered, we received a phone call asking where it was! Our patrons truly look forward to receiving this special perk each week.


A 2020 Albertson’s Nourishing Neighbors Grant allowed us to deliver paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face masks to all of our Patrons

The Devon Senior Living non-perishable food drive filled 50 bags for our patrons in need during this crisis. Thank you to all the staff, residents and their families for their contributions!

A Gallery of Images from Main Line Meals on Wheels

Our mission is simple...

No Homebound Person Goes Hungry

We deliver two nutritious meals Monday through Friday. And it is not just about the food – everyone gets a daily visit from someone who cares.